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Purchase two-week access to our unique service for determining close kinship and paternity by photo. No unnecessary registrations — all you need is your email address.

Our test is up to 80% accurate. Don't miss the chance to save on a DNA test, because after our test, you may not need it.

We use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, but if your photo material is of low quality (faces are poorly distinguishable, strongly turned, poorly detailed, hidden under glasses, beards, hair, etc.), we recommend using other methods.

Tech support for payment issues: relatives.facetest+sales@google.com

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Last updated Aug 14, 2023

14 days unlimited. Not a subscription - one-time payment.

Close kinship/paternity test
"Is it the same person in the photos?" test
Simple similarity test
"Who does the child look more like?" test
Unlimited compatibility test (strong marriage)

Full Access to Tests | Relatives.photos

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